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  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
  • English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
Description of English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】

This application is not just a simple english quiz application but it is a combination of RPG and quiz! You'll be learning english and have fun at the same time because of its awesome and funny storyline. This application is not just for kids but it's for everybody! It has 6000 English&Japanese word and we will add more words in the future!

About the game:
You will be moving across all over Japan to challenge and defeat card monsters. Gather strong cards and upgrade them to be the strongest all across Japan. Each card has its own element which is fire,wind and water. You have to answer the questions correctly in order to defeat the enemy.

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Version history English Quiz【Eigomonogatari】
New in com.frecre.englishstory 675
Bug Fix
New in com.frecre.englishstory 673
【Important matter】
You cannot play with users of Ver661 or lower in battle / cooperation play.

・ Change of recovery specifications
・ New pronunciation problem (vowel edition) added!
・ Added copy / sorting function for deck configuration!
・ Fine revisions to sweet improvement specifications
・ Add a link for Miraive distribution and viewing to Friends Square!
・ Analysis system modification / addition
・ Small bug fixes and improvement
New in com.frecre.englishstory 661
As a fatal bug occurs on some devices,
The study plus linkage function has been abolished.
The number of matches required to win a match ticket has been revised from 3 to 2 times the number of wins.
Other minor bug fixes.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 655
The backup / transfer system has been improved.
The game engine version was updated (Unity2019.1.14f1).
The script mechanism has been switched to .Net 4.x.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 646
Fix bug for crash Friend function.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 593
Bug Fix
New in com.frecre.englishstory 580
Add New Pronunciation Stage.
Bug Fix.
Small Improvement.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 552
sort and filter function for friend.
bad user report function.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 543
Add four item in Shrine.
Add Skip Button for Shrine Animation.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 535
● Battle event improvements
● Added battle event cookie gacha
● Added panel shuffle function
● Improve question logic
● Some bug fixes
New in com.frecre.englishstory 529
Bug Fix
New in com.frecre.englishstory 528
Fix Bug
New in com.frecre.englishstory 518
Bug Fix
New in com.frecre.englishstory 517
New in com.frecre.englishstory 516
Add new weekly stage.
change question provide logic.
many small improvement and bugfix.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 509
A number of repair this time.
The English learning system function was greatly revised.
① Addition of TOEIC grammar problem
② Free of TOEIC word problem
③ UI renewal of Question Category function
④ The level setting function is added to the TOEIC word / grammar, and it is modified to the setting form from the Study screen
⑤ Add level change screen after battle
⑥ Added general / TOEIC selection screen to setting item at initial installation
New in com.frecre.englishstory 447
New in com.frecre.englishstory 446
New in com.frecre.englishstory 432
Fix bug to able cancel celling after battle.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 428
Fix some bug
New in com.frecre.englishstory 422
Correction of Login Bonus (separated by month, total, event)Addition of Yuru Point SystemAddition of Gacha Event FunctionImplemented Tool FunctionImproved Training, Evolution, Sale, Exceed LimitFixed to dynamically switch server from Shared Server or In-House ServerFixed Multi-Attribute Attack EffectAddition of Negi Cultivation FunctionOther small improvements and bug fixesFor details please check EigoMonogatari.com
New in com.frecre.englishstory 386
2 different colors5 Indian characters1 Russian evolution characterAdded!
New in com.frecre.englishstory 384
Fix bugs for some question
New in com.frecre.englishstory 382
We added an event characters for November.We also added new word and grammar problems.Some buggy features were also fixed.We will publish as soon as bug fixes and tests are complete.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 365
please check 英語物語.com.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 362
please check 英語物語.com.
New in com.frecre.englishstory 349
New in com.frecre.englishstory 340
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